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Project Abstract: Pathways Accelerating STEM Success

Located in an area with high poverty and low educational attainment, College of the Mainland (COM) is a two-year public institution in the suburban/rural region between Houston and Galveston, Texas that serves 4,687 students pursuing certificates, associate degrees, and transfer credits. Approximately 31% of these students are Hispanic.

Pathways Accelerating STEM Success is a comprehensive, cost-effective plan to deliver high-level STEM learning environments and address the growing demand for STEM jobs in the region through two primary goals: Goal 1: Improve STEM Learning Experiences and Goal 2: Improve STEM Student Support Services.

Research-Based Strategies:

COM’s Title V Program is supported by promising evidence that indicates the following best practices to help improve retention and graduation rates among Hispanic and low-income students:

  1. Developing new and transferrable STEM programs
  2. Modernizing and expanding STEM infrastructure with new laboratory equipment
  3. Expanding STEM hybrid learning options
  4. Developing new articulation agreements
  5. Broadening STEM tutoring services
  6. Increasing STEM career and experiential learning support
  7. Offering a STEM contextualized summer bridge program
  8. Expanding financial literacy program to reach more students.

Funding for these strategies is needed to improve instructional support and academic attainment for Hispanic and low-income students. Five objectives will be tracked and measured annually:

  • Objective 1.1: The number of declared Hispanic STEM majors will increase by three (3) percentage points annually, from 343 to 398;
  • Objective 1.2: Full-time equivalent enrollment will increase by five (5) percentage points annually, from 3,091 to 3,945.
  • Objective 2.1: Fall-to-fall retention rates for Hispanic students will increase by one (1) percentage point annually, from 64% to 69%.
  • Objective 2.2: Three-year graduation rates for Hispanic students will increase by three (3) percentage points overall, from 32% to 35%.
  • Objective 2.3: The number of students applying for financial aid will increase by one (1) percentage point annually, from 54% to 59%.

Competitive Preference Priority 1:

COM will use High-Skill, High-Growth Jobs Targeted by the Gulf Coast Workforce Board as a platform for working with local employers to develop career-related internships for the college’s four new engineering programs and other STEM majors.

Competitive Preference Priority 2:

Building on resources from the What Works Clearinghouse, the Pathways project will address financial literacy by imbedding a Money Awareness Program into Psychology 1300 (a required class for all new students) and providing financial aid workshops through COM’s existing College Connection and Dual Credit programs.


Deborah Fregia, Title V Director, College of the Mainland – 1200 Amburn Rd, Texas City, TX 77591. 409-933-8801. dfregia@com.edu

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Previous Title V Activities

Future COM Graduates - Summer Bridge 2018

Large group of COM Students at 2018 Summer Bridge
COM students walking into the College of Science, Engineering and Technology building.
Male COM student at Summer Bridge trip
Two female COM students at 2018 Summer Bridge trip
COM students at 2018 Summer Bridge trip

Etiquette Luncheon hosted by Manners Pro

On Friday, Feb. 3, 14 students from the Minority Men 4 Excellence Initiative (MM4EI) participated in the etiquette luncheon hosted by Manners Pro.

These students heard from lead facilitator Mary Lee Kennedy on key topics that included discussing business over a meal, group settings and business dining. The event kicked off our spring semester.

Astros Career Day

On Wednesday, May 11th, four students from the Minority Men 4 Excellence Initiative (MM4EI) participated in the Astros Career Day held at Minute Maid Park.

These students heard from several members of the Houston Astros Front Office Staff including the Director of Marketing, Director of Analytics and Director of Merchandising. These young men were rewarded with this event by attending at least two MM4EI meetings, attending one additional campus-sponsored event, and holding at least a 2.0 GPA. After the presentation the students stayed to watch the Astros take on the Cleveland Indians.

Astros Career Day held at Minute Maid Park

Students at Astros Career Day

Students at Astros Career Day

Students at Astros Career Day

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